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Pics from the East – April 20, 2014 at 12:19PM

Happy Resurrection Day!

Pics from the East – April 20, 2014 at 09:52AM

An attempt at the Easter portrait. Christ The Lord is risen today, alleluia!

2013 December Daily :: 26 :: All is Calm

This morning all the girls went shopping. It was fun to go to the mall with Sianna, Selah, Senna and my Mom. Of course, it was work and it involved a lot of snacks, but it was neat to have a girl outing.

Other than our morning excursion, we had a very slow, post Christmas day. The kids played with their toys. We once again ate leftovers.

Now that Christmas is over, I’m starting to feel the urge to pack and get things prepared for our move back to Asia. Last night, I separated all of our toys from the guest house toys. There’s some packing that is ready to be done and some supply shopping that needs to happen. But today we enjoyed one last day with my Mom. She’ll train back to Arkansas tomorrow evening. (We’ll join her there a couple of days after that. So our goodbye won’t be too teary… yet.)

We ended our day with one final photo before the tree is taken down.

The kids asked Nanamaw for one final reading before bed.

For Selah, another book meant a few more flips before bedtime.

German Pyramid Round 2

September 2004

On September 23, 2004, while Hubs and I were backpacking Europe, we found Kathe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas Shop in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

While in the shop, we toured her German Christmas Museum which included a collection of beautiful 6 foot tall German Pyramid’s.

Surprisingly, we left the Christmas Shop empty handed. Like all budget backpackers, we decided to try Rothenburg’s famous treat: the Schneeballen instead of purchasing a $10 ornament.

2004-09-23@16-58-04 2004-09-23@17-29-25
The Schneeballen is basically a deep-fried pastry that tastes like oily, hard pie dough. Tastes as good as it sounds. Here’s Sandra in front of the store holding one of the pricy things.

After trying to eat it plain, Hubs soaked the Schneeballen in tea. Didn’t help.

Blast. We should have purchased a pyramid! (At that time, the small 10 inch tall ones would have only been around USD80. Bargain!)

December 2011

While we were living in JiuJiang, I became good friends with Elena whose husband worked in Germany. For Christmas that year, he mailed a package from Germany which, to our surprise, included special gifts for our family. We were so delighted that he sent a small, traditional German Pyramid.

Christmas Eve 2011, Sianna (2) loved sitting close and watching the pyramid spin.

December 2012

We fire them all up at once because we like to watch the baby Jesus spin. Plus, ours is a little underpowered and three candles barely gets it moving.

Trust me, everyone loves the German Pyramid.

December 2013

Hubs added a traditional German Pyramid this year. He has been watching these for YEARS on eBay.

I’ll move it by the fireplace for a better look. It’s a vintage pyramid made in East Berlin prior to the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Angels announcing good news of great joy to the shepherds…
(all the pieces are carved from different types of wood)

Mary & Joseph with the shepherds…

Wise men see the star and begin traveling (spoiler: they arrive a couple years later) …

Soldiers being sent to to Bethlehem to search for the new king (yes, an oft left out part of the Christmas story, but essential nonetheless)…

It’s a wonderful addition to our select Christmas collection and is sure to provide a great illustration of the Christmas story for years to come.

2013 December Daily :: 25 :: Merry Christmas!

(Just wrapping up the December Daily. Thanks for your patience.)

Merry Christmas from the Kleinerts! Schäfer 6, Sianna 4, Selah 3, Senna 8m

Our Christmas day began the same way it does every year: with the reading of the Christmas story.

After recognizing why we have Christmas and why we give

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2013 December Daily :: 24 :: Happy Birthday Selah!

Happy 3rd Birthday Selah!

The day began with cereal and blueberries which Selah separated into two bowls. There’s a lot of cooking that needs to happen today so making a big, birthday breakfast was not on the list. (Love her two bandaids. For Selah, bandaids are an accessory.)

For Selah’s third birthday,

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