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10 year of Christmas trees













While we were in town, we called Grandpapa to see if he had found the tree stand because with Christmas in just 3 days we were now desperate for any kind of tree.

Now, Hubs and I are day-after-Thanksgiving-time-to-put-up-the-tree people. But this year, we really wanted to go out into the woods and chop down our own tree. Unfortunately, the snow just kept coming so now we can’t even see the bottom three feet of the tree much less know where to chop it down. Thank you Grandpapa for getting the tree!




2012 December Daily :: 26 ::

Today was long.
It started with a big game of “returning the house to order”. Oh my. Selah pushed her baby around. Put a blanket on her baby. Gave her baby some juice. She played with chalk. Asked to paint. etc. I cleaned the house during the three minutes she was entertained along the way.

We called our families this morning. That is always bittersweet. Selah kept saying “Haleigh” no matter who we were on the phone with.

Hubs took Schäfer and Sianna to Chinese school this morning. It took everything we had to get them dressed and out the door.

When they came home at lunch, we noticed that Schäfer was quite tired. So we put all the kids down for rest. Hubs went back to work and I dealt with 3 screaming kids who did not want to nap. Oh my word. The crazy continues.

Tonight, we had guests for supper. That was lovely and good. The kids had so much fun playing with a new friend.

By 8pm, I was a zombie. My kitchen is flooded with dishes. My plan was to catch up on the dishes after the guests left, but I could hardly stand.

Schäfer asked me how many sleeps until his 6th birthday. I almost fell down when I realized it was in just 4 sleeps. I have NOTHING planned. He wants a dinosaur party so I have a cake idea, but as far as games & prizes, I haven’t ordered anything or come up with any unique ideas. As always, this birthday party is a big deal to Schäfer, but it also collides with China’s three day break for Jan. 1. Lots of people go out of town so I’m going to check with the other MOm’s in his Chinese school class to even see if his friends are going ot be in town this weekend or if we should delay the party a week. Delay! Delay! But the longer we wait, the weather could get colder and I definately want to have a party for six-year-olds outside. Right? Fifty-six degrees isn’t so bad, right?

2012 December Daily :: 25 ::

The house was cold when I woke this morning. Hubs was already downstairs reading under a blanket. Schäfer was up by 7:15 dancing around the living room. Then he came to my room for snuggle.

I love snuggle.

Of course, he asked when we could open presents.

I gave him the order

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2012 December Daily :: 24 ::

Selah turned 2 today. The morning was a bit crazy. Baking the cake. (hubs) Dressing the kids. (me) Picking up the house. (me) Sweeping. (jenni) Still picking up the house. (me)

At 11am the party guests arrived. I had no games planned. I had no playdough made. I didn’t even have party favors.


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Mother’s Day 2013

I woke up on mother’s day ashamed of my parenting. screaming. being frustrated. raising my voice. selfish. I want to change.