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"You gotta laugh" Days

In China, you have good days and you have bad days, just like everywhere else. We had an interesting day the other day. Let me tell you the story…

First, we went to class and during a break, learned that the cell phone number that we purchased for Sandra was a used number that belonged

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Give Thanks for the Pomelo!

Let me tell you about my favorite fruit…the Pomelo. (In Chinese, it’s called a ‘You Zi’.) It looks like a volleyball-sized yellow grapefruit. You open it up by peeling away the thick, spongy peel to reveal what looks like a huge, peeled orange. You then split a segment away and peel the ‘skin’ off the

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Riding Bus #7

So, how often have you ridden a bus? No, not a schoolbus…A public bus.

If you live in China, it’s part of almost daily life. Sandra and I are exploring our city by riding at least one bus a week around its full loop. The other day we rode bus #7, and here is how

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Coping with Big Feet in China

My feet are size 13. I have big feet. But, that’s in the States.

In China, my feet are gigantic.

Last weekend, I went shopping for some house slippers, because in China you don’t wear shoes around the house…you take them off at the door. It’s great, because the floors are kept cleaner. But you

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