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Quick Landscaping

They’re pretty quick about landscaping on campus. One day there were cabbage-like plants all over. The next day they had ripped up ALL the plants and replaced them with flowers. No more cabbage! (Actually, my sister tells me they were called kale.)

The Yichang Bicycle Club…roll on!

Recently, I joined the Yichang Bicycle club. The club consists of some twenty retired men who go on a six to eight hour ride every Saturday. I joined for several reasons:

I get great exercise I get great language practice I get to experience more of the area I meet people from all over the

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The Best Tang-Bao In Town

Welcome to one of our favorite steamed Tang-bao restaurants. Baozi are a type of wrapped Chinese dumpling. Typically, there is a mixture of ground pork, ginger and other spices inside. This particular type of Baozi is called a tang-bao, or ‘soup dumpling.’ The restaurant has shrimp, mushroom, kingfisher and turtle baozi. Made like dumplings

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Take A Rest

The Yichang Bicycle Club on one of our Saturday rides.

Chinese Grammar: Get It?

Since our language classes consist of nine Koreans, one Austrian, one German, one Indian and two Americans, they are taught almost entirely in Chinese. This is one of our teachers, Miss Luo.

Tea Time

One day, we came across a little tea shop. Upon entering, we enjoyed a wonderful hour of tea tasting and, of course, language practice.