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Snow Day

This weekend, there was an overnight (and very unexpected) snowstorm. Students were out enjoying the fun & some even built a ‘snowpig’. It’s probably the pig character from the classic Chinese tale, Journey to the West.

Campus Team Dragon Boat Practice

This is the campus Dragon Boat team practicing. At the beginning of June, the Dragon Boat festival will be held on the Yangtze with races between many teams from the city.

Encouraging our Studies Part 2

On Being Tall

Shorel in a typical bus. Actually, he usually tries to stand where the ceiling air vents are so he doesn’t need to duck so much.

Encouragement Received

When I feel a little down…When my language really isn’t cutting it…When my favorite dish comes out tasting like ketchup…I just head over to the children’s park and get some words of encouragement from this billboard. Dr. Phil, move aside.

Ronald and Friends

One day I broke down…I HAD to have that new banana pie McDonald’s was plastering all over town. Apparently, I wasn’t alone.