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The Yichang Bicycle Club…roll on!

Recently, I joined the Yichang Bicycle club. The club consists of some twenty retired men who go on a six to eight hour ride every Saturday. I joined for several reasons:

  1. I get great exercise
  2. I get great language practice
  3. I get to experience more of the area
  4. I meet people from all over the city
  5. I laugh a lot!

Several of the men are quite some characters. One of the guys is extremely emotional and expressive when he talks (his eyes bug out and he waves his arms a lot). Another wears a wicker helmet. A couple of guys ride strange bicycles with miniature engines attached to them.

However, as quirky as this group of retired gentlemen are, they all love to ride, talk and eat spicy food. Every time we go out, we usually stop to eat lunch as a group. The guys usually order hotpot – a big wok with lots of meats and vegetables simmering inside. They typically order it with enough hot pepper that the steam makes your eyes water. They know that I can’t handle hot pepper so this past week they ordered another hotpot “without pepper”. Unfortunately, this meant that it was cool enough that your eyes didn’t water…but hot enough that you couldn’t feel your tongue after the first bite.

So, I’m enjoying my times with the guys and look forward to future conversations as I build up my vocabulary and we all rack up the miles…

Four members of the Yichang Bicycle Club from the ride on Saturday.

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