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Dinner On A Stick

Every evening on Tao Zhu road, dozens of stalls are set up offering hundreds of varieties of food on sticks. Pick the ones you want…they’ll roast them and bring them to your table. (Just remember to tell them, “No hot pepper.”) In the meanwhile, sellers of fruit cups, beverages and other snacks will come

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Former Students Come For A Visit

One of Sandra’s former students came to visit us in Yichang.

A typical Chinese banquet among friends. The center table spins. Let’s eat!

Sandra and I enjoying the meal.

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Chinglish #8

A sign at our grocery store. We really don’t know what gifts they’re granting.

Chinglish #7

Our local grocery store has lockers to hold purchases from other stores. The sign reads: “Preserve the clothes closet of the things”

Cave Lights

On one of our Saturday bike rides, we visited a cave. We walked for almost a mile into the mountain and saw fascinating rock formations and creative usage of Christmas lights.

KFC Birthday Party

A fun family having a birthday party at KFC. We asked the little girls what they were eating and they said, “Hamburgers!”, but really it was a chicken sandwich.