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Dragon Boat Practice

Here’s a picture one of my bicycle club buddies sent me of the day I spent practicing with the Dragon Boat team. The Chinese says “An Li Tian rowing a Dragon Boat. Yichang Bicycle Club.”

Train Ride: Comfortable vs. Uncomfortable

Sandra’s and my preferred method of ground travel in China is by train – specifically in the hard sleeper class. It’s cheaper than flying. The ride is smooth. There is plenty of fresh air. And my legs can hang out into the aisle when I sleep. There are six bunks (three one each side)

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Bus Ride: OK, Now We Are Full

The bus system in China is one of the best in the world. You can get nearly anywhere you want to go by public bus. Sometimes, however, the buses can get a little full. The people in the middle aisle are sitting on portable stools.

Welcome to Jinan, Shandong

Sandra and I visited Jinan, the capital city of Shandong province, for May holiday. This is the main city square.

While there, we took time to enjoy some tea with the locals.

This was our first visit to a WalMart Supercenter in China! Well…it wasn’t exactly the same…they had the best prices

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We Heart the Motherland


Sandra has always wanted to ride in a sidecar. We found this WWII era motorcycle parked in front of our favorite grocery store and couldn’t resist getting a photo. If only she had a lime-green feather boa and I had the keys!