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Train Ride: Comfortable vs. Uncomfortable

Sandra’s and my preferred method of ground travel in China is by train – specifically in the hard sleeper class. It’s cheaper than flying. The ride is smooth. There is plenty of fresh air. And my legs can hang out into the aisle when I sleep. There are six bunks (three one each side) in an open cabin. On long train rides, you can buy snacks from vendors who come up to your window during stops.

The hard seat section of the train is a cheap way to get anywhere in China. But on overnight rides, it’s just about the worst way to travel. Our train back to Yichang was packed out with people in the aisle who had “standing room only” tickets. Some tried to sleep, but many just stood all night as shown in this 2AM photo. (Note that I HAD a seat and even I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour total during that overnight ride.)

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