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FotoAlbum Pro

There are many digital image organizing software out there. This has many of the other organizing, captioning and editing functions of the others. But the reason I use this one is that you can save the captions for each image to the actual image EXIF data. (Part of the image information stored with each digital

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A VERY handy, free, program that allows you to turn any document into Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you’re sending newsletters by Microsoft Word or Publisher…stop. Send it as PDF instead and save yourself, and your recipients, lots of trouble.

Legacy Genealogy

Free software for doing genealogical work. Works better than many others out there.


Learning a language? Need to review lots of vocabulary? This can do plenty more than you’ll ever need…most importantly, keeping you daily reviewing what you need to review most. I also use it to print vocabulary words front-and-back on cardstock and cut them out with a business card-sized punch. Handy!


Call other computers for free. Call a landline for mere cents per minute. Instant Message. Send a file. They even have a feature called ‘Skype-in’ where people can call you and leave messages wherever you are.

AVG Antivirus

Free, easy to update, easy to use, is smaller than and works better than Norton or McAfee. No one should be without this program.