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Welcome to Win-Dey

Win-Dey is a fast food restaurant in town. It looks oddly familiar…why do Big Macs and Frosties come to mind?

Wedding Photos Anyone?

These mannequins are in the window of a Wedding Photography studio. You too can look like Tarzan and Jane on your wedding day!

The Most Interesting Gift

Living in China, you sometimes get the most interesting gifts. This gift, given by the bicycle club, is a porcelain fish, crab and lobster surrounding a crab pot. It has fake seaweed attached to the front. I used it as Sandra’s stocking for Christmas, placing her stocking stuffer inside the crab pot.

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Christmas Day

Flannel pajama fest!

Shorel loves his new green terry cloth robe!

Sandra loves her new scrapbooking paper cutter!

We both love the new Christmas tradition of baking scones. (I think it will become a monthly tradition.)

A lovely Christmas Day lasagna. Ok, it’s not traditional, but two of the ingredients

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Christmas Eve Service

Merry Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas from the Kleinerts!