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Christmas Around Town 2005

What IS it with sunburned Santas with little elves nesting in their beards?

A troop of sunburned Santas.

A flower shop selling all things Christmas.

In front of one of the main department stores. It used to say “Merry Christmax”. You can also see the following around town: Marry Christmas (my

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Christmas in Yichang

Christmas is our favorite holiday. Since we had a little more time to prepare this year, we decorated the house. We put up a couple of trees, strung lights and have been baking almost non-stop.

We found this tree skirt in Wuhan. The shop lady that sold it to us put it on

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The French Restaurant

On Sandra’s birthday, I took her for lunch at Yichang’s newly opened French restaurant run by a French family: Le Vieux Paris. The food was superb! The atmosphere was excellent! And the restaurant was heated.

We both can’t wait to go back. Maybe for Valentines!

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An Afternoon at a Countryside School

We visited a school in the countryside. The school threw a performance for all the visiting foreigners. The weather was pretty chilly that day. These cute little children are doing a duck dance. Brrr!

More students dancing for us.

After the program, we practiced English with the students. Many were pretty shy.

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A Chinese Banquet


After. Delicious!

New Village

We visited a small village of those relocated from the Three Gorges Dam reservoir valley. Here’s their new housing. Each person was given roughly an acre of land to farm.

Mandarin orange trees

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