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The first few weeks we were here, my (Sandra’s) cravings were odd. My first craving was for Whoppers. No, not those from Burger King. The round malt balls that come in the funky milk cartons. Don’t ask me why I craved this. I haven’t eaten one since 7th grade at least. But here I was in Yichang, China dying for malt with chocolate in a ball shaped form.

Luckily, I found three local substitutes. They weren’t exactly the same…a bit waxy on the chocolate…inside looking like a malt, but tasting like nothing really.

Next came guacamole. No surprise there. I love Baja Mexican food. & I think I once even dreamed that we ate at the Taqueria on 4th street in San Rafael. Shorel had a superburrito with guacamole. I had a super nachos.

Shorel started to yearn for chicken pot pies. I don’t know why. I can’t rememeber us ever eating a chicken pot pie since we got married. We have a KFC here, but they don’t carry certain American items – like pot pies.

I had a yearning sensation one day during language class. I leaned over to Shorel and said, “I’d just love to eat Animal cookies right now.” Of course, that was because a dear friend told me that she was giving away boxes of Animal Cookies as party gifts at her son’s first birthday party. I don’t know that I’ve had an animal cookie since I was 5, but there I was sitting in Yichang, China wanting an animal cookie.

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