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Spice Market

Since ancient times China has been known for its spices. In our local market, we can buy a variety of spices. One of the spices that we don’t buy is the Chinese hot pepper which, when ground up, is copiously added to many of the local dishes.

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Vegetable Market

When shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, we go to the local market. Look around. Select the freshest produce-harvested from the farm that morning. Weigh them and pay by the half kilogram.

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World of Tofu

Tofu. For some Americans the word conjurs up images of a white jelly-like substance found hiding in the refrigerated food section in the grocery store. I admit I myself wasn’t too fond of the food growing up. However, in China I’ve discovered a whole world of tofu.

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Yiling Square

Treasured Grass

Yiling Square is the main city square in Yichang. The grass is well manicured and perfectly watered. It is so lush you want to grab a frisbee, kick off your shoes and socks and go running on it. But for one problem…you can’t walk on the grass. It’s for viewing only.

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Building construction near our apartment.