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Solar Power in China

Solar power is extremely prominent in China. If you want to heat your water that is. Nearly every family uses a solar water heater. And to dry clothes…put ’em on the line. Dryers are almost impossible to find in China.

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Just Another Day in the City Square

Sometimes you go to Yiling Square and nothing is happening. Other times, people are dancing and practicing calligraphy with water.

Oodles of Noodles

We love noodles! Some have said that China is the birthplace of noodles. It is also said that Marco Polo brought the secret of noodles over to Italy. Whatever the story may be, fresh noodles are fantastic. I enjoy eating our local muslim noodles, which are hand stretched. However, the Chinese noodles flattened and

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Garlic Stems

Garlic stems, which are frequently used in Chinese cooking, have become Sandra’s and my favorite vegetable. We especially enjoy the garlic stem and fried Fuzhu tofu dish.

Cooking with Coal

Many places in China still cook and heat with coal. The most common form of coal used is this circular bricquet.

Coal powder is shaped into round bricquets that fit into these cooking barrels. Every so often, the old ones need to be switched out by tongs.

The pots for cooking are

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Chinese Proverbs

???? jiúni?y?mào “The loss of one hair from nine oxen” — something appears insignificant but it’s actually of great importance

???? qíhuòk?j? “Precious treasure worth treasuring”

???? y?zìqi?nj?n “One written word is worth a thousand pieces of gold” — a literary masterpiece

???? gu?zúbùqián “Binding your feet to prevent your own progress” — nonadvancement due

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