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River life

There are many Chinese that live on the Yangtze river. The only way they can get supplies or go to town is by boat.

On our ride up the river the other day, we shared the boat with several motorcycles, bags of rice, cases of cigarettes and a basket of piglets all to

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Chickens or melons.Your choice.

We found this vendor in the market the other day. He was selling melons, green plums and baby chicks. What a variety!

Rock market!

The Day I Asked for the Number 6

I went to the hair salon the other day. Because the weather was getting pretty hot, I just told the barber to use the clippers with a number 6 guard. He sticks the guard on and promptly shears a path down the center of my skull. Then he asks, “How’s this?”

Like I had

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A time to Bloom

Life in a Lesser Furnace

Life on the Yangtze is hot. There are five cities on the Yangtze that are called the “furnaces” of China due to the combination of heat and humidity.

Yichang is between two of them.

The other day it hit 101.5F. Combined with the high humidty, it truly does feel like a furnace.

So humid,

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