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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from The Snorkeler and Alibaba!

Pirated Dress

A friend loaned us the dress on the left. We loved it so much that we decided to have it copied. We were amazed at how well the tailor made an exact replica.

This is the original design. I told the tailor not to worry about the center design as it was too

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Rainy Day: Let’s Roll!

Because so many people ride motorcycles or scooters, naturally some rain gear has been developed. This motorcycle taxi is donning a motorcycle “poncho”, specially made with a clear window for the headlight. (There are also versions for bicycles and scooters.) Of course, the two passengers had their umbrella up during the ride to keep

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Rainy Day Moments

The food alley near campus

Food alley vendor umbrellas

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29 Weeks & Growing

Chinglish #11

These are ads for a nearby apartment complex that’s being built.

“Overflow” and “Chien vegetable” don’t make us want to buy an apartment.

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