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Happy Birthday…whenever…

A recent conversation over cell text messaging:

Me: Happy Birthday!

Friend: Whose birthday?

Me: Your birthday! Last year we celebrated on November 22nd. Today is the 22nd, so happy birthday!

Friend: Thank you for your blessing. I am very moved by your love, but my birthday is not coming. It is October 18th in the

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Christmas Rolls In!

Building the tree! This year we started a new family tradition that is actually affordable living here: cloved oranges! 4 oranges: 12 cents. 1 pound of cloves: USD$4. Sticking oranges full of clove patterns with friends: priceless.

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Our Tutors

This Thanksgiving season, we’re especially thankful for our tutors who work with us three hours every day. They help our pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Mostly, they don’t laugh too hard.

Kid Leash

This kid leash is used to help children walk, much like training wheels on a bicycle.

Walking on Water

A new pastime at our local children’s park. Roll on!

Progressive Thanksgiving 2006

In the end, Sandra was still craving stuffing. So we had a small “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner at our home with two friends. Our menu included pumpkin curry soup, cranberry stuffing, roast duck, garlic mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

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