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Star Ferry Terminal

Back before subways, Star Ferry was the way to get between the mainland (Kowloon) and Hong Kong Island.

Chinese Tourist Junk

These Chinese junks (A junk is a Chinese sailing vessel. The English name comes from Malay dgong or jong) used to ply the waters of Hong Kong harbor. Now, this lone junk carries tourists around.

Milk Restaurant

The other day, I stumbled across this milk custard shop. They have several different flavors of custard: red bean, coffee, egg, chocolate and plain. You can also get several varieties of steamed milk. Sandra had a delicious almond milk.

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Pet Boutique

Pets in Asia have really become a fashion item. Here you can buy nearly anything you could think of to accessorize your little whoochie-poochie-poo, including outfits, necklaces, shoes and even a stroller for when they have shopped themselves tired.

A Triple-O’s Birthday

On Sandra’s birthday, we stumbled across a hamburger joint called Triple-O’s. Since we haven’t had a real hamburger in over a year, we thought this would be a great birthday meal. Triple-O’s has 44 locations in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Plus 3 locations in Hong Kong. Lucky us! Don’t the fries remind

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Festival Walk Mall at Christmas

Caucasian Santas are imported just for the few weeks leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve, they all fly home to be with their families. We hear it’s a pretty lucrative business.

Don’t be deceived. This Christmas tree is over 5 stories tall and covered in Swarovski crystals.

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