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Work on Removing Chinglish Signs

(February 27, 2007, Xinhua)

Work has begun to ensure all of Beijing’s signs are grammatically correct and free of “Chinglish” by the end of 2007, Monday’s China Youth Daily reports. “We have worked out 4,624 pieces of standard English translations to substitute the Chinglish ones on signs around the city,” said Lu Jinlan, head of

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iTunes & MediaMonkey

Sandra and I have gone digital. All of our music is now ripped to our computer as mp3’s. The obvious question is “how do we manage that music?”

There are two ways:

iTunes is easy and one of the more popular methods of ripping (creating mp3’s from a cd) and managing music. One of the

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Thai Sunset

Out with the Dog. In with the Pig.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2007 is the year of the Golden Pig, a particularly auspicious year that only comes round once every 60 years. Because of this many of our friends plan on getting married and having a baby. Taking this into consideration, China is going to have quite a baby boom this

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Right now the campus is empty. The food alley is barren. The market place is looking a little less busy. Chinese New Year is almost here. Even though classes aren’t in session we need to continue our studies. One simple way we do so is through a podcast called They broadcast simple language lessons

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48 Hours

We returned home to a fairly chilly apartment. The place was dusty. And we had a newborn. So needless to say, we had our hands full.

But that wasn’t all that was in store for us over the next 48 hours.

First, our refrigerator broke. Not sure how, since it hadn’t been opened for a

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