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iTunes & MediaMonkey

Sandra and I have gone digital. All of our music is now ripped to our computer as mp3’s. The obvious question is “how do we manage that music?”

There are two ways:

iTunes is easy and one of the more popular methods of ripping (creating mp3’s from a cd) and managing music. One of the great features is creating a smart playlist: say a list of all your classical songs with Beethoven and Brahms as the artist that you haven’t listened to in the last 6 months.

MediaMonkey does the same thing, but provides more functionality if you like to have more control. One advantage of MediaMonkey is that it does better in saving metadata to the mp3 files, so your information can be transferred to another program later. The only disadvantage I could find is that it currently doesn’t support podcasts.

2 comments to iTunes & MediaMonkey

  • Sam S

    What would you recommend as far as an mp3 player these days? I’m trying to help my dad find one that’s right for him. He’s in the market for one that he can listen to lectures, audio books, and a little music on his 1.8 hour commute (twice a week). One thing i noticed on my clickwheel ipod is that when I’m listening to a lecture and stop in the middle somewhere, then i click over and listen to some music, then i go back to the lecture, it always loses my place. Its a big hassle to find your place again. What do you do? Do you know if newer mp3 players let you keep your place in specific files like that?

  • iPods and many other players won’t recognize a file as anything but music (they’re not THAT smart yet), unless you convert the mp3 file to an audiobook format. You can get software to do that here: The new iPod touch is a pretty slick device. (Stay away from the iPhone unless you’ve come into some money). But that’s probably more than he needs. The ipod nano would probably be all that he needs. (Or give him your old one.) If he (or you) works at an education institution check out the education discount on the Apple website:

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