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Chinese Competition

On April 21st, I was invited to participate in the first annual Three Gorges University Foreign Student Chinese Language Preliminary Competition. (Chinese love competitions, especially speech competitions.) The competitors included myself, 7 Nepalese and 2 Indian students. (The Indians and Nepalese are part of the medical program at the University.) There were four sections

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Strawberries in Season

Strawberries are in season so I generally get a pound or two when I go to market. Better to grab them now because they won’t be in season for long. We freeze them so we can have strawberry smoothies all summer long. We’ve only made one batch of jam so far. It turned out to

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Rock On

We finally got our rocking chair. The frame looks like a glider rocker, but it rocks more like a traditional rocker. Shorel’s given it some grease to tame down the shrieking. It rocks like a charm now. We’re having padding made my our local tailor and will post photos of Schäfer’s room soon.

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Some have asked how we upload video to our website. Previously we used, but, while I was satisfied with how quick they load, I was unhappy with the picture quality. So we’ve switched over to, a smaller service than Youtube, but with a much higher quality in playing the video clips. Also, they

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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Down on the riverbank, there are many kite sellers.

A local, handcrafted kite.

Locals flying kites.

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Coconut Monkey

Coconut Monkey on Vimeo

While we were on Kood Island, we saw this monkey picking coconuts from the palm trees. Apparently the resort hires this man and his trained monkey to remove coconuts before they fall on guests’ heads. So, I made this fun video of the coconut monkey in action. Enjoy!

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