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Hair Brush…Literally.

At the 100th day photo studio, we saw calligraphy brushes on display, but we weren’t sure of their purpose. Upon asking, we found out that a baby’s first hair is shaved (on the 100th day) and placed into the brush. We’ve noticed several babies with shaved heads and now we know why!

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Pierce DNA

Our genealogy research started very simply. I wanted to scan in old photos and I wanted to interview my Grandparents,Great Aunts and Uncles. So we downloaded some free software and started typing in names & details as they recalled. We’ve posted the information on our website so that all of our family may have access

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Xiao Lao Xi Bike Ride

On Saturday I went biking to one of my favorite spots, Xiao Lao Xi.

This is the gateway to the Xiao Lao Xi scenic area.

Xiao Lao Xi is a narrow canyon, about 10km long, through which flows a pretty little stream. Often you’ll see people from the city coming here for picnics.

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Breakfast at McDonalds

I noticed a large sign with pancakes posted in our McDonalds window. Yes, it’s true, there is now breakfast at Yichang McDonalds from 7am-10am every morning.

I have to say that I prefer not to eat fast food. It bothers me in my mind, but not enough in my soul. Meaning, if I were stranded

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Post-Easter Eating

During our Easter weekend, Schäfer did his best, but we learned that 48 hours of gatherings is just too much for him right now. He missed so many naps and was constantly over stimulated by all the new faces, sounds and smells. On Sunday night, it took us 1.5 hours to get him to

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An Egg-stra Good Time

On Saturday, we hosted two egg-stra fun parties. We had a great time hanging out, watching a movie, dying eggs and playing with Schäfer.

Getting all the eggs home from the market.

Our egg stand station where egg stands were to be created with gel pens, paper & stickers.

All ready

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