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Baby Backpack

The local baby backpack is a hand crafted basket. The wicker straps are not too comfortable on the shoulders. Babies are placed in them and held in place by many blankets. Wiggling is not an option.

Campus Patrol

Split Pants II

Big Wind Vehicle

On Tuesday we went looking for children’s photo studios. There’s one called “Big Wind Vehicle” (translated means “Pinwheel”) that seems like it might work. We looked at their samples. They had the usual watermelon outfits and other costumes. They did say that they had a simple black backdrop and white backdrop that we could use.

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Filehippo Update Checker

Filehippo is a sweet and simple program that checks your computer for out of date software and gives you links to download the newest update.

It doesn’t install anything on your computer. Just download the program, run it and it will bring up an internet window with links to updates.

Ps. I don’t know

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Street Performers

Street Erhu on Vimeo We went out walking and came across these two men playing music on the side of the road. It was actually one of the better street performances I have seen. One man is playing a traditional Chinese Erhu (like a violin). I’m not sure what the other man is

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