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Pierce DNA

Our genealogy research started very simply. I wanted to scan in old photos and I wanted to interview my Grandparents,Great Aunts and Uncles. So we downloaded some free software and started typing in names & details as they recalled. We’ve posted the information on our website so that all of our family may have access to what we’ve learned so far.

Occasionally, we receive e-mails from strangers who are also doing genealogy research. They have found our genealogy link and perhaps we have a distant 10th cousin in 1894. This happened again just this week. A lady was researching her relative: Mose Pierce. Sandra’s great-great-great Grandfather was Moses Pierce. Though she could not be sure if the two men were the same, she directed us to Apparently, there are a whole lot of Pierce’s looking for their roots.

The website reads:

Has your Pierce genealogy research hit a brick wall? Has the paper trail found in courthouse basements lead to a dead end? If so, you may wish to take advantage of today’s cutting edge DNA technology to jump start your research.Participants must be male Pierces because the genetic characteristic measured (the Y chromosome) is passed along the male line from father to son. If you are a Pierce, but are female, you may wish to recruit a male Pierce relative– perhaps a cousin, father, brother, or uncle to participate. The project is limited to Pierces with ancestors from southern states. All variant spellings of the surname including Pearce, Peirce, and Pearse may join.

Apparently there are Northern Pierce’s too:

In the northern group, we now have the dna profile of the line of Thomas Pierce of Charlestown, Mass. President Franklin Pierce was a descendant. None in the southern project are matching this line. The Pierce DNA project–Northern U.S. website is up and running and can be viewed at

The basic gist is I buy a DNA kit for $99 or $148 and ask a male Pierce relative if I can swab their mouth. I’m having visions of…”Merry Christmas! Long time no see! Can I swab your mouth?” According to the website, “As a short term offer, the project will pay for the YDNA-25 marker test in full if the participant has a pedigree that is documented back to the 1770’s in Virginia.” I can’t remember the last time I heard the word “pedigree” in reference to humans.

If you’re ever in the mood to play CSI, you too can start some research:

You’re just a swab away from knowing your roots!

2 comments to Pierce DNA

  • Sandra’s great-grandfather was Tom, his brother was Mose, and their father was Hamblin Roper Pierce born in 1813 in Butler county Alabama.

  • I am researching my 12 Great grandfather, whom I think is William Pierce, born abt. 1580 in england and immigrated to to America. I read that he was a sea captain, owned the ship Lyon, captained the second voyage of the Mayflower, Captained the Sea Venture to Jamestown abt. 1609, and died in the West Indies fighting Spaniards and was buried at sea.He was married to Joan Phippen Pierce of Jamestown.

    then comes the confusion. It appears Capt. William Pierce of the same birthdates, served as a Lieutenant Gov. of Jamestown, Capt. of the Guard, Burgess, and raised a family of five or so kids including my 11th grandmother, Edith.

    Both accounts give William Pierce as the son of Marguerite Coney, one says his father is William, one says Richard of 1540-1563!

    Were there two William Pierces in jamestown? Was there one in Plymouth, Mass. and one in Jamestown? Any proof that you know of? I’d really appreciate your help! Helen PS. I did my autosomal dna on Different links say I am kin to Edith and William. I have not found Franklin Pierce in my relatives yet, will let you know.

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