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Post-Easter Eating


During our Easter weekend, Schäfer did his best, but we learned that 48 hours of gatherings is just too much for him right now. He missed so many naps and was constantly over stimulated by all the new faces, sounds and smells. On Sunday night, it took us 1.5 hours to get him to settle down and go to sleep. This is normally a 5-10 minute process.

morning, I woke up to find new 4 recipes compliments of Shorel. This made him our official Egg Strategist. Meanwhile, on Monday, Schäfer got all his naps in, but during his wake time he just wanted to be held. He had no interest in any of his toys. That afternoon, while Shorel was out, he found real mayonnaise – a post-Easter staple.

Egg Salad I – I thought this recipe needed more mayonnaise. Shorel thought it needed more mustard. Overall, we’ll look for another egg salad recipe.

German-Style Pickled Eggs – I was a little nervous about this idea “pickled eggs”, but Shorel was most excited about this recipe. Actually, it’s really good. The taste is both sweet and sour. It’s a keeper.

We’re have yet to try: Deviled Eggs II & Mustard Pickled Eggs. – Don’t fret, we’ve got plenty of eggs.

So, what’s on your post-Easter plate?

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