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Xiao Lao Xi Bike Ride

On Saturday I went biking to one of my favorite spots, Xiao Lao Xi.

This is the gateway to the Xiao Lao Xi scenic area.

Xiao Lao Xi is a narrow canyon, about 10km long, through which flows a pretty little stream.
Often you’ll see people from the city coming here for picnics.

It is the countryside, so you’ll see the occasional water buffalo.

This man was selling You-zi, a type of grapefruit.

Along the stream are a bunch of swimming areas. You can pay to swim in their man made pools.

While following the stream you’ll run across a bunch of old factories, a couple of which are still eeking out a few products. Here is some old communal factory housing, now turned into a guest house.

A statue and a view of Xiao Lao Xi canyon.

Old clothing factory.

The slogan says, “Having a child is dangerous, it’s best to have a doctor at your side.” Not only can the doctor help you have your child, but the child could be officially registered. (You’re only allowed one child in China.)

Farmer’s house, mostly made of hard-packed earth.


Middle School Reunion on Vimeo

At the end of the Xiao Lao Xi road I visited my farmer friend. There I was invited by this group of old middle school classmates to have lunch with them.

Xiao Lao Xi Bike Ride on Vimeo
Of course, once you ride to the end of a road, you’ve got to return. This is my first bike video…a bit shaky (not for the easily queasy) , but it’s a first. (6:08 minutes)

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