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At the Dry Cleaners

I was chatting with a new friend at the dry cleaners when a customer walked in:

Lady: You must take his hat off. It’s too hot. (quenches face. looks at me. quenches face.) Me: The sun is very bright today. His hat makes him comfortable. Lady: He is too hot! He has on too many

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Help Wanted

On Thursday, I was on the first floor taking Schäfer out of the stroller organizing how I was about to carry Schäfer, the stroller & a load of groceries to the fifth floor. (People, it can be done, but it requires some mental pump up before we start.) My neighbor from the 2nd floor was

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Tea for Two

Last Wednesday, thanks to Katie, Shorel took me on a date. This time, he planned our outing. We went to a pagoda which is now a tea house. Where we sat for four hours and talked -uninterrupted. So good. Thank you Katie for blessing our marriage! Shorel will fix your computer anytime!


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Salad Art

We went to Pizza Hut for lunch to hit the one-trip salad bar. Shorel gave it his best effort, but it was nothing compared to the Chinese! It was actually Schäfer’s first time to sit in a high chair. He enjoyed people watching for about 10 minutes, then he wanted to get up and

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From A Dream

Sunday morning, I woke up to this.

Flower Burgler

1After our friend won his top honor, we met at the back of the auditorium to celebrate. He offered Sandra his award flowers. Sandra refused them and said he should give them to his mother. He responded that the Chinese custom was to offer someone your flowers, but that person would refuse them so that

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