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Amway: A Famous American Company

Have you ever heard of Amway? Everyone here tells me it’s a “famous American company.” Ok? They sell a variety of goods mostly health & beauty products: make-up, soaps, shampoo, vitamins and the like. They’re also not cheap. One bottle of their “Natural Multi-Carotene” (multi-vitamin) is 340 rmb = $44 for 180 vitamins. We can get a bottle of Men’s One-a-Day at Costco $6 for 250 vitamins. Their bottle of “triple guard echinacea” is 240 rmb = $31 for 90 pills.

So, yesterday a new friend came over. She sells Amway. First of all, I have no clue how she got my number. This isn’t really a big deal because I give my number out to everyone. Though I do wonder if there is some sort of Amway sales methodology that teaches: if one rep couldn’t make a sale, pass the number on to another rep, then go home and improve your sales pitch! These Amway people are very passionate about their products. They do make their living off monthly sales.

Anyway, she’s been calling me and sending me text messages for several months. We finally had a chance to meet. I probably should have told her on the phone I don’t buy these products mostly because I don’t need the cosmetics and I don’t know exactly what is in the vitamins. I didn’t mention this on the phone because she said she wanted to meet Schäfer. So I hoped it could just be a friendly visit. In the end, it was a sales pitch, but she wasn’t too pushy. She offered me the catalog and left her business card. I welcomed her to our home any time she’s free.

There are apparently 700 Amway reps in our city. I am bound to meet more.

2 comments to Amway: A Famous American Company

  • heather

    My MIL is a huge Amway fan…that’s the only place I’d heard of it. My mom said it was big in the 70s with Tupperware and Avon.

  • Amway used to be a reputable company in the U.S. in the 70’s. They used to have parties like Tupperware and Mary Kay to introduce the company to new customers. Like many products they have faded from popularity through the invention of 409 and other products just as good and cheaper.

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