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Competition Chaos

Last we mentioned, I won the Three Gorges University Chinese language competition. After the competition, I learned that the top three would move on to the next round.

The following day, I began studying in preparation for the provincial competition in Wuhan next month. The university liaison gave me a study guide which I needed to memorize. It included 20 sections of vocabulary, 20 small essays in addition to the free speech and talent show sections. A few days later, I get a call. The three of us would be competing as a team. I would do the character recognition and reading of the essays while my two teammates would do the free speech and talent show.

A week later, when I had just about finished memorizing everything, I get another call. The content had changed. The 20 sections of vocabulary words had changed and expanded. The 20 small essays have been completely revised.

Ok. Fine. I grab the new study guide and move on.

Another week passes. I nearly have the 20 new sections of vocabulary words memorized…when I get a call. I no longer have to memorize the vocabulary word banks because two teammates must participate in the readings. I can’t read both the vocabulary words and the essays. Rather, I just need to memorize the new essays and perform a comedic dialog because at least two teammates must participate in the talent show.

Sigh. Onwards…

Stay tuned for more updates…

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