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Bamboo Stroller

Though most people now use modern strollers, we can occasionally find a hand crafted bamboo stroller that is still in use. This looks much more comfortable than the baby backpack.

A6 Nail Salon

If you blink, you’ll miss the A6 Nail Salon. One of my great Yichang finds.

They are just the tiniest salon with only three chairs. I’ll say I go for language practice because we really do talk the entire time, but truthfully, it’s a nice break from the daily grind. I actually hadn’t

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Knitting To Go

I’ve wanted to capture this moment for quite some time. Probably for as long as Shorel has wanted to get a pig on a motorcycle. Knitting is very popular. Knitting-on-the-go is a national pastime.

My Friend’s Senior Thesis

Well, here it is. The plague of her spring semester. Weeks of research. More than 10,000 characters hand written. Now time for corrections!

Draft #2. Typed. More corrections!

Isn’t this just beautiful? I mean, it’s not like a sea turtle or anything, but when you consider the sweat and sleepless nights…

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Flea Market

In the spring, campuses all across China have the same event occurring: seniors selling books and belongings down to what they can carry on the train. We’ve seen this in action before, but this year we decided to join a couple of dear friends and sell some items. Here’s our conversation:

Us: What are you

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Dorm Life: The Interior

In China, when you are a freshman you are given two things that will stick with you for the next 4 years: your dorm room and your roommates. If you don’t like your dorm, sorry. If you don’t get along with your roommates, get-over-it! My friends were fortunate enough to move into a new dorm

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