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Flea Market

In the spring, campuses all across China have the same event occurring: seniors selling books and belongings down to what they can carry on the train. We’ve seen this in action before, but this year we decided to join a couple of dear friends and sell some items. Here’s our conversation:

Us: What are you guys doing tonight?

Them: We need to leave at 5 because the weather is good so lots of students will walk around and look at items to buy.

Us: Can we sell stuff too?

Them: Of course! In China, this is called ?????

Us: errr….(Not sure what the first word is, but the second word is “market”.)

Them: It’s a small animal. Very small! So small!

Us: Does it live on dogs?

Them: Yes!

Us: Flea Market! Unbelievable! In America, we also have Flea Markets!

Seniors selling items. They bring their stuff from the dorm and display it on newspaper on the ground.

Though most items sell for 1-2rmb (12-24 cents) the bartering is serious. We were willing to sell all our stuff for 1rmb, but our friends wouldn’t let us. They assured me that my hairbrush was worth 5rmb and our headphones were worth 8rmb. They refused to sell those items until they got the asking price. In the end, we sold 50rmb ($6.50) worth!

Of course, Schäfer’s presence drew lots of students to look at our items.

This is one of my “Classic China Moments”. If I had 1rmb for every person that took a camera phone photo of Schäfer, we could have his college paid for!

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