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Delicious Foods & Finds

Hitting a great food court and grocery store might be an daily excursion for you, but for us it’s so exciting & worth documenting! After Schäfer’s doctor’s appointment, we made our way to Pacific Place mall where Shorel conquered another Triple O’s for lunch. Thank goodness Hong Kong has three locations!

After not having a hamburger in 8 months, this hit the spot!

Meanwhile, at the grocery store deli I found a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. Yum! I was delighted to find a Diet Coke with Cherry which I didn’t even know existed. Unfortunately, I think they need to work on the formula a bit longer. The taste was…off…to say the least.

Then, we spent about 2 hours roaming sampling munching our way around Great which is Hong Kong’s best gourmet grocery store. Think more gourmet than Whole Foods, but not as edgy as Dean and Deluca. Great has over 46,000 items – including fresh guacamole and organic tortilla chips.

Schäfer had a nice time cruising around. I’m sure someday soon he’ll ask us to take him to Disneyland HK or Ocean Park, but until then it’s a family outing at the grocery store!

Diving for chocolates!


Another Might Leaf Tea sighting!

After our stroll, we were famished! This dark mint chocolate Godiva Chocolixir hit the spot.

2 comments to Delicious Foods & Finds

  • I can’t imagine how it must be to go months without American foods like hamburgers and diet coke. We really take it for granted here. I bet you must love visiting Hong Kong – how often are you able to go?
    I just love your blog – it is the most interesting one I read.

    • Hong Kong is a nice treat, but it’s really expensive! We went to Hong Kong once in 2005. I surprised Shorel with a 1 week vacation there. We went in December of 2006 for Schäfer’s birth as they have some of the best medical care in Asia. And then we went this year to meet my Mom. So I guess we’re averaging once a year without intentionally planning it! I hope to get caught up on the blog today or tomorrow! I’m glad you like it. Lately, I’ve felt like the blog is so random!

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