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Need a Dentist? Go to Thailand.

Next, we were off to Thailand where my Mom got $8000 USD worth of dental work done for $1800 USD.

Over a year ago, Mom went to her local dentist where they gave her an appraisal of all her dental problems: $8000. This is no small chunk-of-change for a Louisiana public school teacher or really anybody these days – excluding my personal life-coach, Oprah. I recommended that Mom just go to Thailand where the medical and dental care is at par if not above what is offered in the states. Though several e-mails with a dentist, they gave her an estimate of $2100USD.

After 10 days of dental work (yes, Mom went to beautiful Thailand and sat in a dentist chair for 10 days), Mom paid just $1800 because the Thai dentist disagreed with one of the bridge replacements the American dentist wanted to do. The Thai dentist said it was old, but it was not damaged. Mom was super impressed with the Thai dental care. After her 2 day deep cleaning, she promised she would find another dentist in America because her teeth had never been cleaned so well.

Despite the insane amount of dental care and finding out Mom was allergic to orchids, we managed to go elephant riding, take a Thai cooking class, shop at the night market and rejuvenate in a couple of spas. That plethora of photos is coming soon to our gallery. Mom, thanks for coming all the way to Asia to meet your first grandbaby. We made so many memories! Schäfer misses you and we do too!

2 comments to Need a Dentist? Go to Thailand.

  • Yammie

    LOVE LOVE the picture of you and your mom (and the fancy desserts!)…I’m so glad she had a great dental experience and a great over-all trip to visit. Can’t wait to see all the photos…

  • I can’t agree with this post more!!! I can’t believe the price of dental work in the UK, while there are excellent quality dental surgeries in Thailand – and the service offered in Thailand is so much better than you’d get elsewhere. I had some work done in Phuket, at Dental Sea and it saved me a fortune. There are even better value dentists in Chiang Mai – which I’m guessing is where your Mum went? Readers – stop paying outrageous prices for dentistry back home – get a holiday included in the price of your dental work!

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