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The Nanamaw Arrives

After much anticipation, Sandra’s Mom arrived in Hong Kong. She came a day late because her passport paperwork was sitting on a desk somewhere. Sometimes we think there’s run-around in Asia, but hey, there’s run-around in America too.

Mom first applied for a passport over a year ago because she planned on visiting in 2006, but due to my Papaw’s death, she could not come. Her passport arrived with scratches on her name, but at the time, she didn’t think too much about it. After a few months, the laminate started peeling off. So, she sent in her never-been-used passport back to get a new one 4 months before her intended departure for this trip. Yes, they did charge her for another new passport.

Two weeks before her flight, Mom started to get nervous so she started calling every number she could find to determine her passport whereabouts. Finally, the night before her flight, at her wits end, she called a radio talk show and the phone assistant recommended she go to her congressman’s office. The next day, the congressman’s staff and my Mom started a 4 hour search for her passport. At which the passport office put the congressman’s office on hold several times. Note: you never put a congressman or their representatives on hold. Finally, it was agreed that my Mom would get her passport at 8am the next morning sent via FedEx to the congressman’s office. Orbitz changed her flight and she was on her way. (the Orbitz fee is still TBD)

On to happy times…

Mom arrived in Hong Kong at 5am and Hubs, beloved Hubs, went to the airport to pick her up. Schäfer and I would have gone, but Shorel thought leaving at 4am to catch the bus would be too much for Schäfer.

Mom brought 2 suitcases filled with goodies for all – including homemade “lizzies” (think fruitcake cookies) and wrapped Christmas and birthday presents (which we will save for December)! Since ship rate boxes are no longer available through the USPS, we were thankful she planned ahead.

Here Schäfer gets a first look at his Nanamaw.

“Hummm…new face.”

Mom was quite the trooper as she managed to stay awake despite not sleeping on the flight over. We rode the trolley to The Peak on Hong Kong island.

We had lunch at Bubba Gumps.

Schäfer scored this large Panda for free! Seriously, the manager just gave it to him. I will say that Schäfer was looking at it intently and panting really fast with his breath. Who wouldn’t just give it to him?

His favorite thing to do was “eat Panda”!

Schäfer enjoying his lunch at Bubba Gumps.

Also at The Peak was a wax museum. On this day, Bruce Lee was available for photos.

The view from The Peak with onlookers.



Schäfer made new friends.

After we rode the trolley down, we grabbed the “topless bus” to Star Ferry Pier.

Here we are ready for our ride. Schäfer’s grabbing a power nap.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better photo. Schäfer was asleep in the sling so I didn’t want to shift too much and disturb him. Here we are cruising through downtown Hong Kong.

Next, we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for the 8 o’clock light show. They’ve recently added fireworks.

It was Schäfer’s first time to see fireworks. He held on tight.

Here Schäfer checks out Jackie Chan’s hand prints at the Hong Kong Walk of Stars.

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