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Mailroom Ups…

After being mistaken for Brad, the next day I dropped by the post office to see if we had anything in. The mail room lady said, ‘No. Nothing today.” I then spotted what looked like a Global Priority Mail envelope next to her.

“What about that one?” I pointed.

“Oh! Is this yours?”

And so

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Got Rice?

You know you live in Asia when you use your rice cooker more than your microwave and you check the rice bin before going to the store.

Mailroom Ups and Downs

Since I was eagerly expecting a package, I left the mail room lady my name, telephone number and the country the package would be coming from.

As many of you who have lived overseas know, the mailroom is a special place. Yes, email and Skype can facilitate communication, but only a package or letter brings

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Warning: Rocky Road

We went to the new Xin Dao Grocery Store tonight. Man, that place is big. We bought some Wall’s Ice Cream which is quite simply the best most-like-ice-cream ice cream available here. I’ll take the cookies n’ cream since cookie dough is non-existant and Hubs will have the rum raisin. Since none of those flavors

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Home Study: Over and Out

Yesterday, we finished our individual interviews. Hummm…I guess the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) will soon be my next BFF because they will know everything and I do mean an all-encompassing-everything about us. I don’t think they asked my favorite color, though.

The individual interview had a lot of “What do you like most

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2am: Destination Rome

At 2am, Schäfer needed a little assistance. So, I got up to be of help. I was must have been pretty fuzzy because the new building across the street looked just like the Roman Colosseum. Gelato, anyone?