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Happy 1st Halloween! Ribbit!

This Halloween, Schäfer was a frog. His costume came together pretty easy, We had purchased this frog hat while on vacation this summer. For the arms and legs, I had green material added to a pair of pajamas. I took a sketch to a local tailor and had a “bubble” made to complete the

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Halloween Bash

The weekend before Halloween, the foreign teachers threw quite the Halloween bash. It was the hottest ticket in town! We were lucky to snag an invitation.

Schäfer was a frog.

Shorel went as Da Shan who is “the most famous foreigner in China.” Schäfer was a frog. Sandra was a cowgirl with pigtails.

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Bloggy Giveaway: Chinese Papercuts


We’re giving away 10 Chinese papercuts to one lucky winner!

To be entered in the drawing, leave a single comment (duplicates will be deleted). You must provide a valid e-mail address, but you do not have to have a blog. We’ll ship

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So Signed

Upon receiving our I-600A, we gave it two quick signatures and mailed it right back to Homeland Security in Beijing.

Importing the Exports

It is ironic that we can receive a care package where almost every item inside is labeled “Made in China”. But most of those items are made for export and not available here.

When I was pregnant, Shorel was avidly hunting down a glider rocker. My Mom said she looked in the JcPenny catalog and

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June & Judy

My friend, June, and her boyfriend, Judy, have English names. They selected the names themselves. Such is the plight of self selection of English names.

In Chinese, names can be nouns, adjectives or adverbs. It’s common to see names containing the characters for flower ??strong ??plum ?, red ?, great ?, ten-thousand ?, small ?

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