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Importing the Exports

It is ironic that we can receive a care package where almost every item inside is labeled “Made in China”. But most of those items are made for export and not available here.

When I was pregnant, Shorel was avidly hunting down a glider rocker. My Mom said she looked in the JcPenny catalog and saw that their glider rockers were Made In China. She recommended that we “just go to the factory and pick one up.” The only problem is that factories with export items are under lock and key. If you know someone, you might be able to get your hands on an item, but you’d have to live where the factory is and have very good connections.

Some items are available in China. They have been exported and then imported. Thus, the price is adjusted for all the shipping and duties paid in the process.

89.00? = $11.86 or you can buy the exact same sippy cup on for $3.95

609.00? = $81.20 or you can get the exact same set of bottles at for $24.67

90.00? = $12.00 or you can get the Name Your Link on for $4.75

In fact, at you can get three of these bottles for $9.89 which is still cheaper than one in our city!

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