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The Family Scooter

In China the majority of families only have one child, so a scooter becomes an economical family vehicle. We often see families of three jetting around town in a gas or electric powered scooter. Helmets are not required by law.

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Giraffe Mobile

For a couple coins, you can hop in this giraffe mobile and take it for a spin around the park.

The Aftermath

Firecrackers. You haven’t seen firecrackers until you’ve been to a wedding in China. Or at least passed within a half mile of one.

At every little mom-n-pop store you can buy HUGE rolls of firecrackers for a ridiculously cheap price. They also sell a type of firecracker that launches twenty M80s (think LOUD explosions)

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Customer Service. Or Not.

Through our recent internet glitch we learned that our campus offers 24 hour internet customer service.

When we called customer service this is the automatic message we received:

ring. ring.

“Wait a moment. A Customer Service Representative will be right with you.”

ring. ring.

“Wait a moment. A Customer Service Representative will be right with

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Need a Pi Pa?

We went to a local music store to pick up a capo for the guitar. While there we saw a number of traditional Chinese instruments.

A Pi Pa (??)

More Pi Pa (??)

The Er Hu (??)

The guzheng (???or Chinese dulcimer

Piano (??) and Keyboard (???)


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