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78 Cupcakes


It began:

Liu: Can you teach me how to bake a cake? I’d like to make a cake for my son’s birthday.
Me: Sure!

A few days later:

Liu: Can we make small cakes instead?
Me: Ok. How many?
Liu: 10 for my son and his friends.
Me: Ok. How about Thursday?
Liu: Yes!

The day before:

Liu: I need to make enough cupcakes for my sons classmates.
Me: How many classmates?
Liu: 60.
Me: Do you want to make mini-cupcakes? (show her a mini-muffin pan)
Liu: No. That’s too small.

The day of:

3 batches of Mamaw’s White Cake for batter +
12 cupcakes fit the oven at a time +
30 minutes for baking each set +
icing and sprinkles =

4.5 hours of baking & 78 cupcakes


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