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The Assistant Stork

On Sunday morning, The Nanamaw received a call from the post office that an express envelope from China had arrived. She could come pick it up or they would bring it to her. It’s a small town thing.

By Sunday night, we went over all the adoption documents and made sure everything was in order.

On Monday, the documents were sent to The Assistant Stork.

The Assistant Stork fills a huge need in the adoption process. She is a personal courier that will take our documents to the State Department and Chinese Embassy to get the documents authenticated quickly and correctly. She’s been doing this for ten years and is so successful that her husband quit his job to become “The Assistant to The Assistant Stork”. The Assistant Stork not only helps authenticate documents for China, she works with every Embassy in D.C.

For your fee, we look over the documents as soon as we receive them and check them for accuracy. If there are any problems with your documents, we let you know immediately. We take your documents to the State Department as soon as possible after we receive them. At the State Department, we wait while they Authenticate your documents. We check to be sure that they authenticate every single document correctly (after all, they’re human beings, they make mistakes too.)

As soon as that’s finished, we take your documents to the Embassy for Authentication. We leave your documents with the Embassy and they give us a receipt telling us what day to pick them up. We double check your documents when we pick them up from the Embassy and then we send the completed documents, along with your receipts, back to you.

As a family in the midst of the adoption process, I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that our documents will be hand delivered and throughly checked. If we didn’t have The Assistant Stork, we would need to mail in the documents and goodness knows how long paperwork can sit on a desk.

Our fees are:

$15 per document to The Assistant Stork

$7 per document to the State Department

$20 per document to the Chinese Embassy

That’s $42 per document. Should I tell you how many documents we have?

Application Letter of Introduction
Shorel’s birth certificate
Sandra’s birth certificate
Marriage License
Arkansas Criminal Clearance
Shorel’s Letter of Employment
Sandra’s Letter of Unemployment
Shorel’s Medical Form
Sandra’s Medical Form
Certificate of Assets/Liabilities
Letter of Application Expedition

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