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Christmas Day 2007

Christmas Day starts with the baking of scones. This year, we had wonderful blueberry scones. Thanks Adam & Michelle for the blueberries!

Schäfer was so excited to rip paper! Like many children, he was more fascinated with the wrapping paper than the gift inside. He was also rather slow at opening gifts, but once we got the paper started he loved to rip it off…little piece by little piece.

Schäfer’s first tool chest. He loved taking each tool out.

Schäfer’s crochet car. Very economical and good for sleeping.

Schäfer is giving such a sweet look to his new little snowman.

Schäfer’s checking out his new ducky towel.

And that was how it went until 10:30am. Then, Schäfer crashed for his morning nap. A little while later I went in to check on him and smelt an odor. I went to change his diaper: pick him up, place on changing table, remove clothing, cold air hits skin, cold wet wipe cleans skin, etc. and he did NOT wake up. Poor guy. Too much partying.

About noon, we went to our good friend Eden’s for a Christmas Day feast. She and her family made the pork roast, potato casserole, Chinese sausage, broccoli, lotus root and green beans. We brought the Christmas pudding, chocolate covered pretzels, spicy gingerbread cookies and dressing.

Eden and I chat away while the hot, delicious food is waiting to be eaten.

Our family at Christmas dinner.

And here’s the party. Just look at sweet baby Justin with all his layers. I did, in fact, watch a diaper changing and let me tell you – it takes a while to get all those layers on and off. I encouraged Eden that summer onesies were on their way!

Schäfer did so well in his little booster seat – though we did push the tablecloth back so he couldn’t pull all the food towards him.

Shorel dipping chocolate pretzels with Grandma Cai.

Later that afternoon, we arrived back home and Schäfer took his afternoon nap. Once refreshed, he was ready to open more presents. Here he is pushing his new push-plane. This toy has brought him BIG FUN. Though I didn’t realize it when we bought it, the “ding” sounds just like our microwave going off. The first day, I kept thinking, “What in the world is in the microwave?”

Opening another gift from us.

Shorel explains how to put the blocks in.

“Look Mommy, my airplane has wheels!”

My guys are serious about their fruitcake. Shorel also got these perfect new slippers. Much needed!

These are Schäfer’s gifts from us. I thought we showed great self control. The fish “magic stickers” will hopefully stick on the tiles in the bathroom.

And here are all of Schäfer’s presents. Notice the sweet crocheted farmer and tractor on the floor. Also, the little puppy in the dog house wiggles, barks and does a flip. He’s officially our family doggy.

Schäfer went to bed at 7 pm. Hubs and I went to bed at 8:30pm! Ok, so we read for a while, but still. And now time for a little rest…

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