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Holiday Healing

For Christmas 1996, my Mom gave me a snowman cross-stitch. But these snowmen – oh please bear with me – these snowmen were in a circle joined by hands of intertwined branches.

And somehow over the next four years, I could not get these snowmen to come together. I took stitches apart and re-stitched. I picked it up only to put it down again.

Finally, in 2000, I handed the piece to my Grandmaw and declared a defeat. Of course, she with her abounding patience finished the project. Apparently, I had messed up on a stitch at the beginning which threw the entire circle of snowmen off. I’m sure this can be applied to one of life’s greater lessons, but I can’t think of which one at the moment.

In December, I felt the urge to cross-stitch. It was an odd feeling since I hadn’t done one in over 10 years. Thankfully, on a whim Bruce & Ann sent us 4 mini kits including this little mouse: No circles. No branches.

Now I can’t say that I’m going to start cross-stitching all the time, but it is nice to know that I can still cross-stitch just like my Mom and my Grandmaw. I regret that I never learned to can, quilt, sew with a sewing machine, etc…but I am learning how to cook most everything from scratch so that’s gotta make up for something.



2 comments to Holiday Healing

  • Did I ever tell you about trying to learn to knit? I could NOT read the directions/interpret the photographs, so Lane had to read and show me how to do the stitches. Needless to say, I never finished a knitting project. Painting and scrapbooking and sewing are much more fun for me…

    I love your projects and the crocheted tractor, car and toolbox though. Did your Mom or Grandmaw make those?

  • I haven’t tried learning to knit yet. All the Chinese ladies can knit so I kind of want to learn how, but not really. The crocheted tractor, car and toolbox were gifts from a friend. Schäfer really, really likes the toolbox. Kind of reminds me of Rhett!

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