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Chinglish #19

Sprots: Yichang’s own LA Sports Club

Marriage Evolution

Over supper:

Hubs: Mac came out with their new computers today.

Me: After all these years of marriage, I think you already know what I’m going to ask.

Hubs: They are only available in black and white. The orange clams shells are gone forever.

100 Blessings Quilt #3

This traditional Chinese fabric comes from Beth – one of our beloved foreign teachers. You may remember Beth as the expert shopper who gave Schäfer this hat and scarf set which made his 1 year portraits beyond fabu.

Thank you Beth for contributing to our quilts.

1 square each for Schäfer & Little Sister.

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100 Blessings Quilt #2

Thanks Aaron & Emma of Checking Boxes for sending us this fun fabric with beautiful blessing cards. We hope you guys will be able to file your dossier soon.

Aaron & Emma are also collecting fabric for their daughter’s quilt. You can read about that here.

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100 Blessings Quilt #1

Thank you Adam & Michelle for sending this beautiful fabric! You were woven into our lives 10 years ago. We’re thankful that our friendship remains even though we live on separate continents. Blessings to you as 2 become 3 this spring.

Schäfer’s blessing: We pray that you will be blessed to know God

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Sign Language

Sometimes there are signs at the entrances of our apartment complex informing us of when the power, water or gas might be turned off. Generally, things go as planned, but on Friday after our vegetables were cleaned and chopped, we turned on our gas to toss everything in the wok and alas there was

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