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Chinglish #18

So here’s my confession:

1. There were no shoes available (unless we wanted to pay over $20 USD) without some type of cartoon character on them. Do you Mom’s in America have this issue?

2. Yes, I succumbed to my own personal rule and bought shoes with Chinglish on them. The right foot says

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Cash Back Rewards Exercise

MONDAY: While Sandra was in class I went to buy groceries, but I forgot our store card so I could get points.

We have cards for all the stores we buy from. I’m not sure what we’re collecting points for, but each time we buy something, we hand over the appropriate card for swiping.


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Happy Lantern Festival 2008 ?????!

The Lantern Festival ??? (yuánxi?ojié) is celebrated “on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar year of the Chinese calendar.” Just remember: two weeks after Chinese New Year.

It’s a rather simple holiday where families get together to enjoy a meal which includes tong yuan – a dumpling filled with red

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Got Quick?

The other day I decided to upgrade our computer. It had been lagging because of all the video & picture processing, itunes, etc. we put it through. So, I spent USD$100 and put in 2GB of RAM. Amazing! The computer runs blazingly fast! Like it was new again! I should have done this years ago.

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Naithonburi Resort

Here’s a peek of where we stayed at Nai Thon beach, Phuket Island. Naithonburi, Phuket from shorel & sandra on Vimeo.

Chit Chat

As we were walking past the campus swimming arena:

Me: I bet the water is cold. Hubs: It would be great for coast guard trainings or Titanic reenactments.

I love this man.