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Sign Language

Sometimes there are signs at the entrances of our apartment complex informing us of when the power, water or gas might be turned off. Generally, things go as planned, but on Friday after our vegetables were cleaned and chopped, we turned on our gas to toss everything in the wok and alas there was no gas!

I asked our friend if there was a sign outside and she said no. Hubs went and asked neighbors if they had any gas and apparently the entire neighborhood was out. PB&J for lunch! Chips & salsa for dinner!  We later learned that they were working on the line. Thankfully, it was working again the next day.

When I see these signs, I pay attention the heading which normally says “gas” or “water” or “electricity”. Now I know what we’re not going to have.

Then, I look at the time which is always in bold face. Ok, I know when it will leave and return. thankyousomuch.

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