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In the News

Hubs was recently in a local paper to help promote a friend’s new bike shop. The top photo is from a New Year’s 4k. The bottom photo was taken the day Shorel went to the interview.

“Look Mommy – Papa is in the paper.”

“Oh sure. I can read it to you.”

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Stream Valleys

On a recent ride, I found myself pleasantly lost on a mountaintop. Villages hugged terraced hillsides and goats ran free besides small waterfalls.

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Rainy Saturday

This morning, we read 19 books before 10:30am.

It was a rainy day.

After lunch, we were all tired of these four walls so we decided to go to KFC for the indoor play area. (Sorry, Colonel, we didn’t buy anything.)

30 minute bus there.

10 minutes in the play area. Schäfer was finished. Ok,

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The Zebra of War!

Introducing “The Zebra of War!” – a popular neighborhood attraction. Quite simply, it’s a zebra outfitted with flashing lights, disco music, a screen of tropical fish and the sounds of various heavy armaments. Enjoy!

The Zebra of War! from shorel & sandra on Vimeo.

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The Way It Was

When riding through the countryside, I often feel like I’ve been transported back in time. In the following video you’ll see:

A man plowing with a cow A lady washing clothes in a stream using a large wooden stick A man pulling weeds on a terraced hillside A mud-brick house along a stream

The Way

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Her Name

Ever since we have received our Log-In-Date, we have been on task to find/decide/agree upon Little Sister’s name. We’re not keeping it a secret. We just simply can not find a name that we like.

Truth be told, the entire time we were pregnant we never agreed upon a girl name. I remember being in

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