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Her Name

Ever since we have received our Log-In-Date, we have been on task to find/decide/agree upon Little Sister’s name. We’re not keeping it a secret. We just simply can not find a name that we like.

Truth be told, the entire time we were pregnant we never agreed upon a girl name. I remember being in labor & Hubs asked, “If we have a girl, what will we name her?” Thank goodness my intuition was right and we had a boy.

So now we find ourselves totally stuck.

With a husband named Shorel you can imagine the name guidelines:

  • original
  • significant meaning
  • begins with “S”

Schäfer’s name is the complete essence of who he is. His name is the German translation for Shepherd. This is a beautiful expression of our family heritage and many qualities we hope will be in his character.

Finding a name for a little girl who is Chinese, but raised by foreigners seems to be quite the challenge. We want something to represent her unbound possibility.

Right now, we’re bouncing around a name or two, but the jury is still out.

Let me assure you that there has been a lot of vetoing around this house.

Here are some of the names we will NOT be using compliments of


and so the search continues…

14 comments to Her Name

  • Meredith and Ryan

    Susannah means “Lily” and lots of Chinese adoptees are named “Lily”. Glad you all are doing so well! Meredith and Ryan

  • Becky

    Hello! I’m a lurker; I found your blog through the Fall Bloggy Giveaway, and have subscribed ever since. I love Asia, and learning about most Asian countries; Thailand, China, Japan, Cambodia, East Timor to name a few. So.. basically explaining who I am. =) I get a kick out of your entries, but can never think of any comments to leave. =S However, I’d like to weigh-in my favourite names out of the two.

    Certainly Sagittarius is a winner; that’s my sign =D I also think Saturn is a gorgeous name, as it is a gorgeous planet, and I’m a big fan of Astronomy. All of the names are lovely, but those two are my favourites out of your list.

    Anyhoo.. nice to meet you =3

  • Amy

    Aaron and I are having the hardest time with girl names as well. While we have chosen not to stick with the “A” theme in our family, I like that idea. Here are some “S” names that I like and thought I would share with you. First of all, is a great site that we have been using!

    Sadie – means princess

    Serenity – peacefulness

    Shiloh – His gift (of course, Brad and Angie made this a bit trendy)

    Sage – Aromatic herb

    That’s my contribution to your confusion. Just when we think we have chosen a couple of girl names, we second guess ourselves and just have no idea. So, best of luck my friend! Maybe you can suggest some “A” names that you like for our little boy or girl just in case we stick with the “A” theme. 🙂


  • have u tried u type in a name or a few names and it generates similar names you might like.

  • Thanks Meredith for the “S” name. We will ponder over it a while. Hope you guys are doing well. We think of you often!

  • Thanks Amy for your “contribution to our confusion” (love that). When we were going for kiddo #1 we also weren’t thinking about sticking to an “S” name, but when I found it, I knew that was the name for our baby. Having another little “A” would be sweet.

  • Emma – I almost wrote this post at the top of this post “Dear Emma” since I know you are all about having a great baby name. Thanks for I’ve been playing around there during Schäfer’s nap time.

  • Beth

    My son would probably vote for Sakura. He is a huge fan of Japan and manga and his favorite character was named Sakura. But that is probably not the name you are thinking of. What does Shorel mean?

    And I am so jealous to see your photos of flowers and springtime. Here in Boston we may get snow overnight and weekend temps are only in the 30s. Brrr!

  • Mother would like to put her two cents in…I talked to my German friend Alexandra, she suggested Sonya pronounced Sun-ay. the way we pronounce the ay in day. nanamaw

  • Paula

    Ok, I could not resist joining in on the suggestions. 🙂 What about Shayne? It’s Hebrew and means God is gracious. Plus, I told Wynn it’s all part of my master plan to get as many girls with boys names as possible. 🙂 Just ask our girls, Reagan and Emerson.

  • Yammie

    Oh, I saw the suggestion “Sadie” above–I’ve always loved that name! Happy searching…

  • Lynn

    That is funny. Girl names were easy for us! (Margarett Isabel and Katya Anne). Boy names gave us lots and lots of trouble (William Sebastian). I like Susannah, and my sister, Sheri, has a friend whose name is Sadie.

  • What about something simple, like Sara? I just checked and it means “princess” as well.
    I love looking for names, and now I’ll have your quest in my mind. 🙂

  • I’m back again. How about a form of Sukie –

    The girl’s name Sukey \s(u)-key\. Diminutive of Susan (Hebrew) “lily”. First used in the 18th century, and revived in the 20th.

    Sukey has 5 variant forms: Soki, Sokie, Sukee, Sukie and Suky.

    Baby names that sound like Sukey are Sokey and Sky.

    I’ve found it spelled numerous ways, and although some appear to be Japanese in origin, they’ve mentioned it meaning, “loved one” or fond. I think it has a very cute sound to it.

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