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Chinglish #25

Please not the confusion throws garbage

Chinglish #24

Fall into water carefully

This makeshift well has a sign which also warns us to “Fall into water carefully”

Chinglish #23

Introducing the sun bonnet…

“The sunbonnet which can resist ultraviolet ray”

“The product can resist ultraviolet irradiation effeiently. It is a good idea to have it when you go out for a grip.”

All Creatures Great and Small

Spring has certainly sprung. These little open air pet shops are easily found in the children’s park. Of course, smaller animals are the preferred pet in China.

This sleepy little bunny is just waiting for a home.

Assorted rodents are available in case your home is lacking an abundance of the wild

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Sticker Mania

For about $2, these sticker machines are a cheap thrill. Once a cheesy chinglish border theme is selected, you enter the photo booth and snap away. If you don’t like the way a photo turned out – just delete it and try again. You get three tries per photo.

Popular amongst students (of

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Salad Art Inspiration

The one-trip salad art continues to inspire me.