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The Local Buddhist Temple

In the Children’s Park, there is a Buddhist Temple.

There is incense for sale.


More Buddhas.

Even more Buddhas.

A sign requesting silence.

A bookstore filled with CD’s, books and jade Buddha necklaces.

Buddha is also for sale.

Also in

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The Cable Errand

When we moved into this apartment, the tv had cable 1 English channel (CCTV 9) and several other channels simultaneously running various episodes of The Monkey King – in Chinese, of course.

Ok, so there were a few Tang Dynasty soap operas thrown into the mix.

What is a Tang Dynasty soap opera? Well, it’s

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Dangerously Delicious

Recently, I’ve completely fallen off my healthy lifestyle wagon. Here’s a couple of dangerously delicious snacks for your virtual enjoyment.

Note: You are ensured a calorie free, 0g trans fat, low carb experience.

These ice cream rounds are perfection in a box. Their crunchy chocolate shell and vanilla ice cream middle make the perfect

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Wanted: Future Globe-trotters

This advertisement for the New Oriental English Training Center can be seen on buses and billboards around town.

Quakin’ Again

We felt the apartment move again at 4:27pm today. It lasted only a few seconds. I was changing Schäfer’s nappy and so didn’t feel it, but Sandra did. The lighting fixtures were still swaying when I came back into the living room.

The Seismic Monitor website recorded an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude in the

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On Speaking Chinese

Second languages have never come easy for me.

I remember sitting in high school Spanish having a light bulb moment when we learned the word “Estados Unidos”.

“Like why don’t they just call America ‘the United States’ like everybody else does? …you mean every single word has to be said differently?”

This is called…monolingual.


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