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2:28 x 3

Starting today and the following two days, we will take a moment to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in the earthquake.

At 2:28pm everyone one will stop (traffic included) for 3 minutes of mourning. In America this would mean silence, but in China this means the honking of horns and the blaring of sirens.

Even the Olympic Torch relay will stop for these 3 days.

It was just one week ago at 2:28pm when the earthquake struck.

We continue to remember Li’s husband. He is doing well…all things considered. He has a tent. They are flying in water and crackers. He recently asked Li if they could adopt one of the orphans. He even went as far to check with officials, but the officials need more time to determine if any relatives have been found.

Like domestic adoption in the US, domestic adoption here also has many unknown paths.

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